Need more information about our sewing instruction?

You too can learn to sew, no matter your age or skill level

Make your own quality garment.

Pick up valuable sewing tips.

We here hope to answers questions you many have about the sewing instruction classes we offer, which have not been answered elsewhere on this site.

What do you teach in your sewing courses?
Actually, we don’t offer sewing courses as such. Instead, we offer sewing instruction ie. we teach our students to sew by doing.

To that end, we require our students to work on a project of their choice ie. we ask them to select a commercial sewing pattern they want to make (beginners), or we teach them to work on their own design (intermediates and advanced). This project could be: a dress, a skirt, a pair of pants, a bag, and so on…
We believe that this method is the best way for our students to learn how to do: stitches, seams, sleeves, buttonholes, and so on… and how to use a sewing machine.

In other words, this is the best way to learn basic sewing, improve your sewing skills and pickup sewing tips from an expert.

Can I start a sewing class at any time?
Yes you can! We have 14 weekly sewing classes: mornings, afternoons, after-school and evenings, 5 days a week. Come to the one that suits you best. But, before you attend you first lesson, make sure to ring Shirley first as she will need to ‘prepare’ you for your first lesson. See next question!

How do I get started?
You will need to talk to Shirley first of course so she can advise you of lessons availability, what to bring, and so on… Please don’t just come to a class without doing this as her class may be full, or you may come without all the sewing supplies you will need.

Can I attend several sewing classes each week?
You certainly can. The advantage of course, is that by working on your project during several sewing classes a week, you will be able to finish it quicker.

During a sewing lesson, does everyone work on the same sewing project?
No. During a sewing lesson, you will be working on your very own sewing project.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you work on a commercial sewing pattern to start with. If you are an intermediate or advanced sewer, then you can work on your own sewing design from the ground up.

Shirley will then be able to give you the correct sewing instruction (and valuable sewing tips) to help you make your garment one that you will be proud of and one of high quality.

I just want to sewing instruction to make my own garment, can I do that?
Of course you can. We have had students come to our sewing classes just to make their debutant dress, their wedding dress, and so on…

Shirley is flexible and experienced enough to be able to give you sewing instruction (and valuable sewing tips) that is relevant to the project you have chosen to work on.

With Shirley’s experienced sewing instruction,
you will be sure to learn to sew like a professional
as well as pick up expert sewing tips